How to know who did SAP transport

In some cases you want to know who imported transport request to a system. You can check from Table TPLOG that gives you the information. Execute transaction SE16 –> TPLOG. Filter the date you want. Enter “IMPORT*” at field Text. You will know the users who did transport.    

List SAP Oracle Datafiles using RMAN

There is easy way to check complete list of your SAP Oracle datafiles.  You can do that using integrated oracle tool called rman. Below are the steps: 1. Login as ora<sid> in UNIX or <sid>adm in WINDOWS. 2. Call rman tools from command prompt. orasbe> rman 3. Connect to database target. RMAN> connect target / … Read more

How to check high Oracle SQL statement

As part of your job to make the SAP system performance always good, you actively monitor which SQL statement mostly having impact to the performance. Besides from ST04, you can also monitor the high SQL statement from SAP report as shown below: Note: in this example the database is using Oracle. From SA38 run /SSF/RSORADLD_NEW … Read more

How to know expired SAP certificates

It’s important to make sure that your installed certificates not expired. Otherwise the transaction using it will fail. You check it from transaction SA38 –> run SSF_ALERT_CERTEXPIRE Select the selection criteria You will read the installed certificates and the expired date.    

How to check Oracle Instant Client Version

There are several ways to identify your Oracle Instant Client Version. A. from SM51->”Release Notes” 1. Go to SM51 -> Release Notes 2. You can read the current Oracle Instant Client Version B. Windows: from oraocci<version>.dll 1. Go to folder DIR_EXECUTABLE in this example is E:\usr\sap\SOL\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64. Right click file oraocci10.dll -> Details