How to change SAP Logical System

You have assigned certain SAP Logical System to a SAP Client (as example in picture below) but you want to change and convert the Logical System to different name. May be you want to convert it after doing SAP migration (describe in article How to do SAP System Copy). You can do that from transaction BDLS – Convert Logical … Read more

How to do SAP remote client copy

In this article I’ll show you how to perform SAP remote client copy. Basically the procedure is almost the same as SAP Local Client Copy, but you use other system as the source client instead. This procedure is to copy the same systems that have identical Support Packages. Error could happen if the Support Package … Read more

How to delete SAP Client

Sometimes you need to delete SAP Client because it’s not used anymore. Before deleting SAP Client, it’s better to backup the client first. You can do it by exporting the client, in case in the future you need it just import the client back. SAP Client deletion is resource intensive activity, so you do it … Read more

How to do SAP Client Import

You have exported a source client and want to import it in a target client. You have to make sure that your target SAP software release and support package is in the same level. If the target support package is different from the source then you have to make it the same level to avoid … Read more

How to do SAP Client Export

In this articles I’ll show you how to export SAP Client. You have created a new client and want to fill with data. You can fill your newly created client using local client copy (copy from the same system) or using data from other system. Using this technique, you have to be aware that your … Read more

How to configure SAP Transport Route (STMS)

After finishing your SAP installation, you need to do post installation tasks. One of the tasks is to configure SAP Transport Management System (STMS). I’ll show you the steps how to configure STMS in SAP, the document applies for newly finished SAP installation. 1. Go to SE06 -> Standard Installation -> Perform Post-Installation Actions. Perform … Read more

How to check SAP client copy logs

You are doing SAP Client Copy and want to see the progress. 1. You do it from Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Client Administration -> Copy Logs or Transaction Code SCC3. 2. From the initial screen Client Copy, double click Available SAP Client Copy Logs 3. You can see the detail progress of your … Read more