How to kill / end SAP user session

Sometimes you as SAP Basis administrator need to kill or terminate some user’s sessions because they are harmful to the SAP system (consume high memory/CPU/hang). This task may be become part of SAP Basis daily Administration.
1.      Login with appropriate authorizations to one of the clients in the system where the lock error session or process occurs.
2.      Go to Tools -> Administration -> Monitor > System Monitoring > User Overview or directly to SAP transaction SM04.
Pic 1 How to kill SAP user session

3.   The screen will show you the user who login from all SAP client. You can sort from the client list. Choose the user session that you wish to delete and double click until a confirmation screen appears. Click End Session to terminate user session.

How to kill SAP User session
Pic 2 How to kill SAP user session

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