Mass Changing to SAP Users

Sometimes you need to change SAPĀ usersĀ for a large set of users. Thing can be complicated if you change it one by one using transaction SU01. SAP provides Mass Changes (transaction code SU10) to create and execute most changes in user management for a selected set of users. You can use Mass Change to create, lock … Read more

How to create a new SAP User

As part of your role and job as SAP Security Administrator you are often asked to create a new SAP User. You do this from, 1. SAP Menu -> Tools -> User Maintenance -> Users or directly to transaction SU01. SAP User Maintenance Menu 2. From the initial screen of SU01 enter SAP User Name … Read more

How to create SAP Single Role

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a new SAP Single Role. As part of Basis jobs is to maintain SAP Security and Authorization, you need to know about SAP Role Administration. Below are the steps to create a new SAP Single Role: 1. From SAP Menu -> Tools -> Administration -> User … Read more