Mass Changing to SAP Users

Sometimes you need to change SAP users for a large set of users. Thing can be complicated if you change it one by one using transaction SU01. SAP provides Mass Changes (transaction code SU10) to create and execute most changes in user management for a selected set of users.

You can use Mass Change to create, lock and unlock users and to change logon data, parameters, roles, profiles, and user groups.

Changes to user master records take effect only when the users log on the next time. Changes to roles and authorizations don’t have an immediate effect on users who are already logged on. They must log off and then log on again.

Below is the steps to mass change:

  1. From SAP Menu -> Tools -> Administration -> User Maintenance -> User Mass Maintenance or go directly to transaction code  SU10.mass-change-sap-users-1
  2. Select the users from Address Data or Authorization Data. In this example I select from Authorization Data.mass-change-sap-users-2
  3. You can select for further criteria. In this example I select from user field.mass-change-sap-users-3
  4. Select the users you want to change and click “Transfer” button.mass-change-sap-users-4
  5. Now the selected users appears in the column, then you click “Change”.mass-change-sap-users-5
  6. You can change many things here. In this example I change the logon language to “English”. Click “Change” button. And don’t forget to save.mass-change-sap-users-6
  7. You will get a confirmation box. Just click YES.mass-change-sap-users-7
  8. Now the changes is applied. You can see the log for the changes as shown on the screen.mass-change-sap-users-8

You can now check from transaction SU01 whether the changes are applied or not.

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