SAP System Rename using SWPM

In rare cases you need to rename your SAP System. You can do it using SWPM tool.

Using the tool, you can choose to rename your Central System, or you can select to rename single component such as Database Instance.

In this example I rename Central System. You can take a note for current SID. From System -> Status you can read the current SID.


Now you do the renaming process as follow:

1. Call sapinst -> System Rename -> Central System -> SAP System Rename

2. Enter SAP System ID for Source System and Target System.

3. Confirm current Source and Target System. If you want to change the instance number you can change in column “Target System Instance Number“.

4. Enter Database Parameters:

Source ID = DB SID of source
Target ID = DB SID of target
Host = hostname of target

And you have to enter a new password for Database schema

5. Enter password for your SAP OS User account.

6. Enter parameter for Oracle Database Configuration

ABAP Schema: ABAP Schema of Source System (cannot rename)

Oracle Listener Configuration: Enter desired Listener port

Oracle Home Target: Fill different Oracle Home if you want to change Oracle Home

DB Server Version: Choose correct DB version

7. Confirm the Key Phrase form Secure Store

8. Enter your FQDN.

9. Select Install License Key if you have permanent license keys with you. Or leave it unticked. You can install license key later.

10. Check for the summary. And choose next if you have checked that all parameters are correct.

11. The system is now being renamed.

12. Wait until finish successfully.

Now you can verify your SAP System has been renamed. You can check from System –> Status. Read that the SID has changed to SOL, while the owner still the old one.


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