How to update SAP Oracle Instant Client on Windows

The currently used Oracle Instant Client is not up-to-date and you want to update it to latest supported version. Here are the steps: 1. Identify your current Oracle Instant Client (as described in article How to check Oracle instant Client version). 2. Download the latest supported Oracle Instant Client from SAP. 3. Download deldbclient.vbs, which … Read more

SAP Database Import using R3load procedure and Migration Monitor

You have performed SAP Database export using R3load Procedure and migration monitor (as described in this article). Now you want to do import using R3load procedure and migration monitor in target server. Prerequisite: You have prepared the target server for SAP Database instance installation (Oracle software installation). Now you are ready to do SAP Database … Read more

Deinstalling Oracle Software on UNIX

In some cases you need to deinstall your Oracle Software (to install Oracle Software please read How to Install Oracle Instance article). In this article I will show you uninstallation process on Oracle on Linux. (For deinstalling on Windows please read the article¬†Deinstalling Oracle Software on Windows) 1. Backup your Oracle Inventory (usually located … Read more