SAP Table Splitting on Database Export

The export and import runtime of very large tables can become a bottleneck during a heterogeneous system copy. The contents of a single table can be exported and imported with multiple R3load processes in parallel. This technique is called “Table Splitting“. This approach is used for very large tables to speed up the export and import runtime. … Read more

How to do SAP System Copy – Part I

Sometimes you need to copy / move your whole SAP system to other machine. For example you want to build a Test system or you want to upgrade / migrate your SAP system to other platform. There are various methods to do that, one of which i’ll explain here is using standard SAP R3load procedure. … Read more

How to install SAP DB2 License

If you use RDBMS DB2 you have to install SAP OEM License as describe in SAP note 816773 – DB6: Installing an SAP OEM license. You get the valid license from SAP Marketplace. For DB2 version 9.7, there are four files to be registered: a. db2ese_c.lic b. db2dpf.lic c. db2so.lic d  db2poese.lic Here are the … Read more

How to install SAP GUI on Windows

In this article I’ll show you: 1. How to install SAP Frontend or SAP GUI on Windows. 2. How to configure SAP GUI/SAP Logon entries. SAP GUI is used in the presentation layer as sap user interface to R/3 application server. In this example I use SAP GUI version 7.20. Before installing SAP GUI, You … Read more

How to uninstall SAP installation

Sometimes you need to uninstall cleanly your SAP installation.You can do it manually by deleting related SAP / Database folders and uninstall SAP / Database services. Or you can do it using SAP Installation Master tool. In this example I’ll show you how to uninstall SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SR1 using SAP Installation Master (I … Read more