How to install SAP GUI on Windows

In this article I’ll show you:
1. How to install SAP Frontend or SAP GUI on Windows.
2. How to configure SAP GUI/SAP Logon entries.

SAP GUI is used in the presentation layer as sap user interface to R/3 application server.

In this example I use SAP GUI version 7.20. Before installing SAP GUI, You download latest version of SAP GUI 7.20 base software and patch from SAP Marketplace and extract in your local folder. I use windows operating system as the example here.

Here are the steps for installing SAP GUI 7.20.
1. Locate to your extract folder and call SAPGUISetup.exe (run as administrator).

Installing SAP GUI 7.20

2. Wait until initial screen come.

installing SAP GUI version 7.20
Initial screen SAP GUI 7.20 installer

3. Choose the components you want to install.

You can see detailed component usage on the right column.

4. Locate the installation folder and next.

Installation folder SAP GUI 7.20
Installation folder SAP GUI 7.20

5. The installation will continue.

Installation in progress SAP GUI version 7.20

6. Wait until installation is finished.

Finish installing SAP GUI
Installation SAP GUI finish

Now you’re ready for the following:

How to Configure SAP Logon Entries:

1. Call your SAP Logon icon.

2. Choose add entry,

Configure SAP Logon

3. And enter the following information.
Description: the description of your SAP System
Application Server: IP Address or your hostname of your SAP Application Server.
Instance Number: Your SAP system number when installing SAP Dialog Instance or Central Instance.

Configuring SAP Logon entries
Configuring SAP Logon entries

Using SAP Logon Group.

Before using this feature you have to setup SAP Logon Group as described in article Distributing SAP User using Logon Group.

To use a SAP Logon Group choose Connection Type Group/Server Selection.
Message Server is your IP Address of your SAP Central Instance.

Adding SAP Logon entries
Configuring SAP Logon entries

4. On next screen choose your LAN option.
if you’re connected in LAN you can choose High Speed Connection.
but if you’re in WAN, better you choose Low Speed Connection.

SAP GUI connection option

5. Choose Default for the following option.

SAP Logon option

6. Your SAP Logon entries is ready to use.

Configuring SAP Logon entries

You can change more SAP GUI setting using this shortcut.

1. You’ll be show Screen Option to change your SAP GUI appearance.

Change SAP GUI appearance

2. Choose you option you want to change

change SAP GUI option
SAP GUI appearance option.

For complete SAP GUI tutorial you can download in Installation Guide section in SAP Market place.

More information about SAP GUI installation also available in this book:
 SAP Administration - Practical Guide.

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