Defining SAP Background Job

You can run programs that don’t require any user dialog in background process. It is very useful if the process to be executed is time-consuming and requires much system resources. Therefore the process should be performed when there is a minimal workload on the system. Performing long-running process online would block a dialog process for … Read more

Monitoring SAP Operating System

The SAP System has its own operating system monitor. You can use the operating system monitor to analyze OS Performance problems. The tool also provides an operating system log that collect messages on events at the OS level. The data for this monitor is supplied by SAPOSCOL, a program that runs at the operating system … Read more

How to join SAP Transport Domain

In this article I’ll show you how to join different SAP Transport Domain. You have successfully created and configured STMS & transport route, and you want to create complex transport route e.g to transport to different SAP Transport Domain. You can do that by joining different SAP Transport Domain so you can include them in … Read more

Monitoring SAP Initial Consistency Check

The purpose of this consistency check is to determine inconsistencies in your system. When logging on to the system for the first time after finishing the SAP installation, you need to trigger a consistency check manually. The function is then called automatically whenever you start the system or an application server. The initial consistency check … Read more

How to monitor SAP Developer Trace files

SAP provides various log and trace files to enable you do detailed analysis error. At application server level, there are developer trace that show you corresponding error log for the processes of each application server. The files are located in “work” directory of each SAP instance. Here are some critical SAP Developer trace files: File … Read more