How to monitor SAP Developer Trace files

SAP provides various log and trace files to enable you do detailed analysis error.

At application server level, there are developer trace that show you corresponding error log for the processes of each application server. The files are located in “work” directory of each SAP instance.

Here are some critical SAP Developer trace files:

File Name Process
dev_disp dispatcher
dev_ms Message server
dev_w Work process number
dev_tp tp and R3trans
dev_icm Internet Communication Manager

1. You display SAP Developer trace files from SAP Menu -> Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> Traces -> Developer Traces or Transaction code ST11.

Monitor SAP Developer Trace
Monitor SAP Developer Trace

2. You’ll be shown all Developer Traces files. Double click to see detailed log.

Monitor SAP Developer Trace
List of SAP Developer Trace files

3. Check for any error or important information for analysis.

Monitor SAP Developer Trace
Detailed Analysis SAP Developer Trace

4. Alternatively you can access trace file from SAP Workprocess Monitor. Click on one of Work processes, go to Trace -> Display File.

Display SAP Developer Trace

You’ll find more reference about monitoring SAP Developer trace in this book SAP Netweaver System Administration.

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