How to create SAP Single Role

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a new SAP Single Role. As part of Basis jobs is to maintain SAP Security and Authorization, you need to know about SAP Role Administration.

Below are the steps to create a new SAP Single Role:

1. From SAP Menu -> Tools -> Administration -> User Maintenance -> Role Administration, or call transaction code PFCG directly.

How to create SAP Single Role
SAP Role Administration

2. Enter your Role Name and choose Single Role, and enter the description if needed.

create SAP Role
Create a new SAP Single role
SAP Role description
SAP Role description

3. On next screen you can choose to fill your Role with Transactions or Report. In this example choose “Transaction”.

create SAP Role
Choose your Role menu
create SAP Role
create SAP Role
Avalaible Entries for SAP Role

4. Now fill with the transactions that you want to assign in the Role.

Assigned SAP transactions for Role
Assigned SAP transactions

Make sure the transactions are assigned, and click “Authorization” Tab

Assigned SAP transactions
Assigned SAP transactions

5. Click “Change Authorization Data”. You can also choose “Expert Mode”

Edit SAP Authorization
Expert Mode Edit SAP Role

6. Maintain all necessary values.

Maintain SAP Authorization values
SAP Authorization values are maintained

7. Now you generate profile for newly created SAP Role. Go to menu Authorization -> Generate

Generate SAP Authorization Profile

You’ll be prompted a profile name.

Authorization Profile

8. Your new SAP Single Role is created and ready to be assigned at user.

SAP Single Role creation
SAP Role created

To get complete reference about SAP Authorization concept I recommend this book for your additional reference:
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