SAP System Rename using SWPM

In rare cases you need to rename your SAP System. You can do it using SWPM tool. Using the tool, you can choose to rename your Central System, or you can select to rename single component such as Database Instance. In this example I rename Central System. You can take a note for current SID. … Read more

Mass Changing to SAP Users

Sometimes you need to change SAP users for a large set of users. Thing can be complicated if you change it one by one using transaction SU01. SAP provides Mass Changes (transaction code SU10) to create and execute most changes in user management for a selected set of users. You can use Mass Change to create, lock … Read more

Defining SAP Background Job

You can run programs that don’t require any user dialog in background process. It is very useful if the process to be executed is time-consuming and requires much system resources. Therefore the process should be performed when there is a minimal workload on the system. Performing long-running process online would block a dialog process for … Read more

Monitoring SAP Operating System

The SAP System has its own operating system monitor. You can use the operating system monitor to analyze OS Performance problems. The tool also provides an operating system log that collect messages on events at the OS level. The data for this monitor is supplied by SAPOSCOL, a program that runs at the operating system … Read more

How to know who did SAP transport

In some cases you want to know who imported transport request to a system. You can check from Table TPLOG that gives you the information. Execute transaction SE16 –> TPLOG. Filter the date you want. Enter “IMPORT*” at field Text. You will know the users who did transport.