Monitoring SAP Operating System

The SAP System has its own operating system monitor. You can use the operating system monitor to analyze OS Performance problems. The tool also provides an operating system log that collect messages on events at the OS level.

The data for this monitor is supplied by SAPOSCOL, a program that runs at the operating system level. It is part of SAP Kernel.

Below are the steps to monitor your SAP Operating System.

1.  You can call the SAP operating system from SAP Menu -> Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> Performance -> Operating System -> Local -> Activity or directly call transaction ST06

2. You will see the initial screen of Operating System Monitor.


3. You can click Operating System Collector to see the detail status of the collector.


Click the “Log File” to read more the log.


4. Now go back to initial screen and click “Detail Analysis Menu” to bring you to detail analysis.


5. You can click “FileSys” to see more your file system condition.


You can also double click to see the history of your file system growth.


6. Back to initial screen now you double click the Memory section to see history of memory usage.


monitoring-sap-operating-system-0077. You can monitor Top CPU process from detail analysis menu

monitoring-sap-operating-system-0088. And you can check also the operating system log.


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