How to update SAP Oracle Instant Client on Windows

The currently used Oracle Instant Client is not up-to-date and you want to update it to latest supported version. Here are the steps: 1. Identify your current Oracle Instant Client (as described in article How to check Oracle instant Client version). 2. Download the latest supported Oracle Instant Client from SAP. 3. Download deldbclient.vbs, which … Read more

Upgrading SAP Oracle Database

In this article I do Oracle Database Upgrade from Oracle to Oracle in a standalone server. Preparation 1. Check the Original Oracle Version. You can use the following command: >sqlplus -version Or > sqlplus / as sysdba; > select version from v$instance; Or from your SAP -> System -> Status Or from transaction … Read more

How to do table reorg online using brspace

In this article I’ll show you how to do table reorganize online using brspace (part of brtools) 7.00 on Oracle 11G.  Table reorg Online is one of Oracle feature that is very useful for you as Database Administrator to do reorg and avoid downtime during SAP System operation. In some cases you need to reorganize table online … Read more