How to startup SAP Oracle Instance using Brtools

There are many ways to startup your Database Instance. In this article I’ll show you step by step to startup your Oracle Database Instance using Brtools.

Login as <sid>adm to your operating system.

1. Call Brtools from command prompt and choose 1. Instance management

Brtools initial screen
Brtools initial screen
2.Choose 1. Start up database
Start up Oracle database instance using brtools
Start up database

3. Fill your 3.Database Instance (SID)

Fill your database instance
Database Instance

4. Make sure all input is correct.

Startup Oracle Instance using brtools
Ready to start up

5.Go to next step, and leave it default.

Startup Oracle Instance Normal using brtools
Option to Startup Database Normal

6. Continue to next step

Ready to startup

7. Your Oracle database is starting up.

Database is starting up

8. Make sure your Database is started up successfully.

Database startup is success

Now you can continue to next step Starting up your SAP.

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