How to do table / index compression online using brspace

In this article I’ll show you how to do table / index compression with brspace (part of brtools). For this example I use Oracle Database 11G (Enterprise Edition). One of the great feature available in Oracle Database 11G is table and index compression (Part of Oracle Advanced Compression) that can reduce your database size significantly. It often happens that your SAP system as your primary OLTP system has high database growth per month, making your storage exhausted. The bigger your database size the more difficult for you to do Database Administration. By doing database compression you can save & release your space.
For more information about Oracle Database 11G Compression Feature you can refer to this SAP note:
1436352 – Oracle 11g Advanced Compression for SAP Systems.

We can do the the task using standard SAP tool brspace 7.20.
1. Run brspace to reorg the tables / indexes you want to compress,

ora<sid># brspace -u / -f tbreorg -t E071K
How to do table / index compression Pic 1

2. Choose option Compression action (ctabind)

Table / index compression
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For more information about available option for compression you can refer to 1464156 – Support for index compression in BRSPACE 7.20. Below is the excerpt from the note about compression option.

table/lob/index compression action:

none         - no action
 ctab         - compress tables
 clob         - compress LOBs
 cind         - compress indexes
 ctablob      - compress tables and LOBs
 ctabind      - compress tables and indexes
 clobind      - compress LOBs and indexes
 ctablobind   - compress tables, LOBs and indexes
 dtab         - decompress tables
 dlob         - decompress LOBs
 dind         - decompress indexes
 dtablob      - decompress tables and LOBs
 dtabind      - decompress tables and indexes
 dlobind      - decompress LOBs and indexes
 dtablobind   - decompress tables, LOBs and indexes
 ctab_only    - compress uncompressed tables only
 clob_only    - compress uncompressed LOBs only
 cind_only - compress qualified indexes only
 ctablob_only - compress uncompressed tables and LOBs only
 ctabind_only - compress uncompressed tables and indexes only
 clobind_only - compress uncompressed LOBS and indexes only
 ctablobind_only - compr. uncompr. tables, LOBs and indexes only
 dtab_only    - decompress compressed tables only
 dlob_only    - decompress compressed LOBs only
 dind_only - decompress qualified indexes only
 dtablob_only - decompress compressed tables and LOBs only
 dtabind_only - decompress compressed tables and indexes only
 dlobind_only - decompress compressed LOBs and indexes only
 dtablobind_only - decompr. compr. tables, LOBs and indexes only
default: none

3. Continue to next screen

table / index compression with brspace
How to do table / index compression Pic 3

4. Wait until the process finish and see the message.

index / table compression with brspace
How to do table / index compression Pic 4
How to do table / index compression Pic 5

After the compression complete you can compare the size of the organized tables before and after.


This feature is not available in Oracle Database 10G and below.

To get complete reference about SAP Database Administration with Oracle you can read:
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