How to do table reorg online using brspace

In this article I’ll show you how to do table reorganize online using brspace (part of brtools) 7.00 on Oracle 11G.  Table reorg Online is one of Oracle feature that is very useful for you as Database Administrator to do reorg and avoid downtime during SAP System operation. In some cases you need to reorganize table online for several purposes such as:

  • Reduce unused blocks in the tables
  • move one table to other tablaspace
  • move data from bad sector of storage

It uses Oracle DBMS_REDEFINITION function to do online reorg. For complete reference about online table / index reorg please refer to SAP note 541538 – FAQ: Reorganization.

1. Run brspace command for table you want to reorg. Example:
#brspace -u / -f tbreorg -t HIVG

How to do table online reorg
How to do table reorg online Pic 1
2. Make sure the option for reorg mode = “online”
How to do table reorg online Pic 2
3. Continue to next step, and wait until the reorg process finish. It will take some time depends on the size of your table, and the speed of your hardware.
How to do table reorg online Pic 3
 Further reference: SAP Database Administration with Oracle 

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