How to update SAP Oracle Instant Client on Windows

The currently used Oracle Instant Client is not up-to-date and you want to update it to latest supported version.

Here are the steps:

1. Identify your current Oracle Instant Client (as described in article How to check Oracle instant Client version).

2. Download the latest supported Oracle Instant Client from SAP.

3. Download deldbclient.vbs, which is included in the file attached to SAP note “998004 – Update the Oracle Instant Client on Windows“.

4. Get the value of instance profile parameter DIR_EXECUTABLE for every application server instance and DIR_CT_RUN. ( you can check it by running report RSPARAM ).

5. Shutdown your SAP Instance (as described in article How to startup/shutdown SAP on windows)

6. Delete the current Oracle Instant Client.

On the central instance host, open a command prompt as <SAPSID>adm, change the current working directory to DIR_EXECUTABLE, and run cscript.exe //nologo deldbclient.vbs in this directory.

> cscript.exe //nologo deldbclient.vbs

Run as well in the folder DIR_CT_RUN

7. Unpack the Oracle Instant Client using SAPCAR -xvf <OCL SAR Archive>

Open a command prompt on the host where DIR_CT_RUN is located. And change the working directory to DIR_CT_RUN. Unpack the Oracle Instance Client to this directory.

Run as well in folder DIR_EXECUTABLE if needed (Note: The Oracle Instant Client is automatically distributed to the instance-specific DIR_EXECUTABLE directories when starting your SAP)


8. You can start your SAP Instance again.  (as described in article How to startup/shutdown SAP on windows)

9. Now check your Oracle Instant Client version is updated


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