SAP can’t startup with error ‘SQL error 28000’

Note: This problem is apply to Oracle Database only. You want to start your SAP, but you find that the SAP Service doesn’t up. You have checked that all file system are healthy. When you see from developer trace you find that all work processes are died. You check from R3trans -d and find that the SAP to Oracle connection … Read more

How to update SAP Oracle Instant Client on Windows

The currently used Oracle Instant Client is not up-to-date and you want to update it to latest supported version. Here are the steps: 1. Identify your current Oracle Instant Client (as described in article How to check Oracle instant Client version). 2. Download the latest supported Oracle Instant Client from SAP. 3. Download deldbclient.vbs, which … Read more

List SAP Oracle Datafiles using RMAN

There is easy way to check complete list of your SAP Oracle datafiles.  You can do that using integrated oracle tool called rman. Below are the steps: 1. Login as ora<sid> in UNIX or <sid>adm in WINDOWS. 2. Call rman tools from command prompt. orasbe> rman 3. Connect to database target. RMAN> connect target / … Read more

How to check high Oracle SQL statement

As part of your job to make the SAP system performance always good, you actively monitor which SQL statement mostly having impact to the performance. Besides from ST04, you can also monitor the high SQL statement from SAP report as shown below: Note: in this example the database is using Oracle. From SA38 run /SSF/RSORADLD_NEW … Read more

SAP System Hang: What to do ?

Your SAP System hang? Here some list you have to check: 1.Can you access your SAP? If yes, check SM21 for problem log check SM13 for update deactivated check SM50/SM51 for workprocess full check DB02 for some full table/tablespaces if you don’t activate autoextend. 2. If you can’t access SAP, check for filesystem full (usually archiver … Read more