SAP can’t startup with error ‘SQL error 28000’


This problem is apply to Oracle Database only.

You want to start your SAP, but you find that the SAP Service doesn’t up.

SAP doesn't start up

You have checked that all file system are healthy. When you see from developer trace you find that all work processes are died.

SQL error 28000002

SQL error 28000003

You check from R3trans -d and find that the SAP to Oracle connection is fail as follow:

SQL error 28000004

Then you check from trans.log and find error “Connect failed with SQL error ‘28000’”.

SQL error 28000005

From trans.log above you also read information ORA-28000: the account is locked.


open your SQLPLUS and check the oracle users using command:

SQL> select username, account_status from dba_users;

SQL error 28000006


You will see that user SAPSBM is locked. You have to unlock it so that SAP to Oracle works well.

Issue a command to unlock the user:

SQL> alter user SAPSBM account unlock;

SQL error 28000007

Now check again the user, make sure SAP<SID> is unlocked.

SQL error 28000008Now check again SAP – Oracle connection using R3trans -d, make sure it finish with return code (0000).

SQL error 28000010

Now you can start your SAP normally as explained in article how to start SAP on windows.

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