How to monitor SAP Internet Communication Manager (ICM)

In this articles I’ll show you how to monitor SAP Internet Communication Manager (ICM).

The Internet Communication Manager is used to communicate between the SAP System (SAP Application Server) and the outside world via the protocol HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP. In its role as a server the ICM can process requests from the Internet that arrive as URLs with the server/port combination that the ICM can listen to. The ICM then calls the relevant local handler for the URL in question.

1. Go to Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> System Monitoring -> ICM or directly call transaction SMICM.

Monitor SAP ICM
Monitor SAP ICM


2. Now you see SAP ICM Monitoring screen.

SAP ICM Process Monitoring
SAP ICM Process monitoring

3. Goto -> Services to see active service.

Check ICM Service

Monitor active Service

Monitor Active ICM Service
Monitor Active ICM service

4. You can restart SAP ICM service from Administration -> ICM -> Exit Soft / Exit Hard

Restart SAP ICM Service
Restart SAP ICM Service

5. From Goto -> Trace File -> Display you can see detail trace file for problem analysis.

Trace file SAP ICM
Trace file SAP ICM

6. Goto -> Parameter Display to see active SAP ICM parameters.

SAP ICM Parameter
SAP ICM Parameter

7. Goto -> Statistic -> Display to see your ICM statistics.

SAP ICM Statistics

8. Goto -> Application Server -> Display Data to see your current SAP Application Server state.

SAP Application Server State

Further reference about ICM monitoring is available in the SAP Administration book below:

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