How to install SAP DB2 License

If you use RDBMS DB2 you have to install SAP OEM License as describe in SAP note 816773 – DB6: Installing an SAP OEM license. You get the valid license from SAP Marketplace.

For DB2 version 9.7, there are four files to be registered:
a. db2ese_c.lic
b. db2dpf.lic
c. db2so.lic
d  db2poese.lic

Here are the steps:
1. As db2 extract the license file in temporary folder.

Installing SAP DB2 license
Extract SAP DB2 license

2. Check your current license status.

Check current SAP DB2 license

3. Register each file using command db2licm -a db2ese_c.lic.

4. Do that for other files: db2licm -a db2dpf.lic

5. db2licm -a db2so.lic

6. db2licm -a db2poese.lic

7. Check your DB2 License, the Expiry date is “Permanent”

installing SAP DB2 License
Check your SAP DB2 License

Check on the SAP note above to install other DB2 version.

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