How to monitor SAP Message Server

In this article I’ll show you how to monitor SAP Message Server. Message Server is used to manage communication between instances of an SAP System. And also used to select application server to which the users log on if you configure SAP Logon Load distribution. You monitor Message Server as below: 1. From menu Tools … Read more

How to update SAP Kernel on UNIX – Solaris

I’ll show you step-by-step how to do SAP Kernel upgrade on UNIX – Solaris. It’s necessary to update your SAP Kernel regularly. Newer SAP Kernel usually contains bug fix and more stable. Before upgrading the SAP Kernel, You download your correct SAP Kernel from SAP Marketplace. 1.  Check your old SAP Kernel version from Transaction … Read more

Distributing SAP User using Logon Group

If you have more than one application servers, you can distribute the SAP system load as evenly as possible across all SAP instances. You can also assign user to particular application servers having the best performance values. You can do this using SAP Logon Group. The user chooses the assigned logon group when logging on to … Read more