Distributing SAP User using Logon Group

If you have more than one application servers, you can distribute the SAP system load as evenly as possible across all SAP instances. You can also assign user to particular application servers having the best performance values.

You can do this using SAP Logon Group. The user chooses the assigned logon group when logging on to the SAP System. The SAP System then assigns the user the application server with the smallest load considering response time. This is called as load balancing or logon load balancing among the instances.

You define a logon group as described on steps below:

1.  Go to SAP Menu -> Tools -> CCMS -> Logon Groups or directly call transaction code SMLG.


2. You will see the available SAP instances.



Double click to create a new SAP Logon Group.


On tab properties you fill the following as parameters:

  • IP Address
  • Response Time
  • User threshold


3. Now a new SAP Logon Group available.


Now you can use newly created SAP Logon Group in your SAP Logon item as described in article How to install SAP GUI.


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