How to do SAP Client Export

In this articles I’ll show you how to export SAP Client.

You have created a new client and want to fill with data. You can fill your newly created client using local client copy (copy from the same system) or using data from other system.

Using this technique, you have to be aware that your SAP software release and support package has to be at the same level between the source and target client.

The steps are:
1. Create new SAP client.
2. Export SAP client from source system.
3. Import to target client.
4. Post Processing

Below are step by step to export SAP client:

1. Login as superuser to client you want to export.
Go to Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Client Administration -> Client Transport -> Client Export or Transaction Code SCC8.

SAP Client Export
Export SAP client transaction code

2.  Select the export Profile.
Choose the target system and client.
Depends on the profile you choose you’ll be prompted a different message.

How to export SAP client
Client Export Profile
Below are the complete export profile available:
 SAP_ALL      All Client-Specific Data w/o Change Documents
 SAP_CUST   Customizing
 SAP_CUSV   Customizing and User Variants
 SAP_CUSX   Customizing w/o Authorization Profiles and Roles
 SAP_EXBC   Customizing, Users and Cross-Client Customizing
 SAP_EXPA   SAP_ALL with Cross-Client Customizing
 SAP_EXPC   Customizing Including Cross-Client Customizing
 SAP_PROF   Only Authorization Profiles and Roles
 SAP_RECO   Recovery (Only if Source Client = Target Client)
 SAP_UCSV   Customizing, User Master Records and User Variants
 SAP_UCUS   Customizing and User Master Records
 SAP_UONL   User Without Authorization Profiles and Roles
 SAP_USER   User Master Records and Authorization Profiles
3.  Choose the background job server
Background Server on How to export SAP client
Background Server

4. You’ll be shown the Export Client Verification Screen, just continue.

Verification screen on How to export SAP client
Verification Screen

5. Before the export you’ll get info about the transport request that will be created during export.
please write the number or take a screen shot. You’ll need it to import at target client.

Transport request How to export SAP client
Info screen about transport request

6. Now the export is running. You can see the export log from SCC3.

Client export log

Choose exports

7. Make sure the export process is finished successfully

SAP Client export is finished
SAP client export finished

Now you’re ready to import client in the target.

To learn more reference about SAP Client maintenance including Client Export/Import, you can find here:

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