How to do SAP Client Import

You have exported a source client and want to import it in a target client.

You have to make sure that your target SAP software release and support package is in the same level. If the target support package is different from the source then you have to make it the same level to avoid error during Client Import. (To update SAP Support Package see this article).

You have to note the transport requests number generated in Client Export. You will import those Transport Requests in steps below.

1. Go to transaction STMS to import preparation.

How to import SAP Client
Import Preparation

2. Double click the target system.

How to import SAP client
Target system

3. Go to Extras -> Other Request.

Add requests

4. Add one-by-one all the Transport Requests number generated from Client Export.
Do it for all Transport Requests.

Add Transport request
Add Transport Requests to buffer

5. Make sure all Transport Number appear in target buffer.
Choose the Cross-client object and click Import button.

Transport Buffer

6. It will show some information.
Continue to import.

How to import SAP Client
Import SAP Client

7. Import will be started, and make sure the import process is finished successfully

Import started
Import Client successfully

8. After finish importing the continue to Client Import Post processing step. Call transaction SCC7 – Import Editing.

Post Processing

8. It will show you the Transport Number you imported before.
Click “Schedule as Background Job”.

Post Processing

9. Select Background Job Server and click “Immediately”

Background Job Server

10. It will show summary, choose continue.


11. Now the Post Processing is running.

Post processing
Post Processing

18. Make sure it’s finished, and see the corresponding warning for further action.

For more reference about SAP Client Import, you can read this book:
 SAP Administration – Practical Guide.


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