How to create a new SAP client

You have finished your SAP installation and want to use your SAP system as your users work area.
Before you are able to use it you have to create a client in your SAP system. It’s part of SAP Basis tasks to create SAP client.

A SAP client is and independently accountable business unit. Each client is identified by a three-figure number. In the standard system, SAP delivers the following pre-configured clients:

  • 000 : for administration purposes and as a template for additional clients
  • 001: for test purposes and as a template for additional clients.
  • 066: for SAP Remote Services

Users and their configurations can only work in their configuration’s assigned client. Creating your own clients is one of the first steps in customizing a SAP system.

A client is created in two steps:
1. Make the new client known to the SAP system, and make important basic settings.
2. Fills the client with data.
After that you can use your SAP client.

1. To make a new client from SAP Menu -> Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Client Administration or SAP Transaction code SCC4 – Client Maintenance.

SAP Client Maintenance – SCC4

2. It will bring you to initial screen of SAP Client Maintenance. Click New Entry to make new SAP Client, choose Continue

Create new SAP Client
Create new SAP Client

3. Enter your Client Data.

Client Option
Client Option

4. Save and make sure your new client is created.

New SAP Client created
New SAP Client created

Now you have to fill your newly created client with data (using Client Copy).

For additional reference about SAP Client Administration, you can read this book SAP Netweaver System Administration.

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