How to update SAP Kernel using Software Update Manager (SUM)

You can upgrade your SAP Kernel using tool SAP Software Update Manager (SUM). Its guided procedure really helpful, you don’t need to do manual extraction. You just need to put the Kernel archive in specific folder, and let SUM does the process. To get SUM and see the supported product please refer to SAP Note 1680769 – Central Note – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP05.

If you want to update SAP kernel manually you can read How to update sap kernel on UNIX Solaris.

Below is the step by step to do kernel update using SUM.
1. Extract SUM in specified folder,

SUM extraction

2. and as <sid>adm run ./STARTUP and make sure the process is running.

Upgrade SAP Kernel using SUM
SUM process is running

3. From other terminal open a web browser and call http://:4239

Click yes for the pop up screen

Update Kernel using Software Update Manager (SUM)
SUM initial screen

4. On first initial screen you’ll be prompted with a user and password.
Fill with a new user / password

Initial user for SAP Software Update Manager (SUM)
Initial user for SAP Software Update Manager (SUM)

5. The next step will show you summary of detected system.

Summary by Software Update Manager (SUM)
Summary of System

6. You’ll then be prompted with your adm user & password.

User / password for Software Update Manager (SUM)
User / password for SUM

7. You then choose the folder of your new Kernel (for both SAPEXE & SAPEXEDB)

Location of New Kernel with SUM
Location of New Kernel

8. Now enter the keyword for SUM as stated in SAP note 1680769.

Keyword for SUM
Keyword for SUM

9. You’ll go to next screen showing the initialization screen

Initialization screen Software Update Manager
Initialization screen SUM

10. You’ll be prompted with Administrator password of your system

Administrator password for SUM
Administrator password

11.  The process will continue and detect the component you want to upgrade. And you can see detail about what to be upgraded.

Detected component to be upgraded with SUM
Detected Component
Detail component

12. Click Continue on summary screen, now you’re ready to go to next step.

Summary Component - SUM
Summary – 1
Summary Component - SUM
Summary – 2
Summary SAP SUM
Summary – 3

13. Before the downtime phase, make sure you do backup your system. And continue to next step.

Backup confirmation - SUM
Backup confirmation – SUM
Finish Preprocessing - SUM
Finish Preprocessing – SUM

14. Now your system is shutdown to do updating.

Stop System to update kernel by SAP SUM
Stop System to update kernel by SAP SUM

15. Watch the process and make sure finished successfully.

Update process by SUM
Update process by SUM
Finish update kernel by SUM
Finish update kernel by SUM

16. Now the post-processing activities

Post processing by SUM
Post processing by SUM
Finish post-processing SUM
Finish post-processing SUM

17. Now you have finished all the process and SUM will show you the summary activity.

Summary activity SUM
Summary activity SUM
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