How to configure SAP Transport Route (STMS)

After finishing your SAP installation, you need to do post installation tasks. One of the tasks is to configure SAP Transport Management System (STMS).

I’ll show you the steps how to configure STMS in SAP, the document applies for newly finished SAP installation.

1. Go to SE06 -> Standard Installation -> Perform Post-Installation Actions.

Perform Post SAP Installation

2. Since it’s a fresh installation, choose YES to reinstall the CTS.

Reinstall CTS
Reinstall CTS

3. If it’s the first SAP installation you can configure it as SAP Transport Domain, otherwise include it in existing SAP Transport Domain.

Create SAP Transport Domain
Create SAP Transport Domain

4. Enter the password for TMSADM user.

TMSADM and password

5. Your SAP Transport Domain is now created.

new SAP Transport Domain
New SAP Transport Domain is created

6. In this step you can add virtual system QA & PROD for your complete system landscape (you can replace it later when you’ve installed QA & PROD).

 From initial screen STMS -> Overview -> Systems -> SAP Systems -> Create -> Virtual System.
Create SAP Virtual System in STMS
Create SAP Virtual System
7. Enter Description
Add Virtual System for QA
Add QA Virtual System

Repeat the above step for Virtual Production.

Add Prod Virtual System
Add Prod Virtual System

8. Now you begin to setup SAP Transport Route.
From initial screen STMS -> Overview -> Transport Route -> Configuration -> Standard Configuration -> Three Systems in Groups

Setup Transport Route - Standard Configuration
Setup Transport Route – Standard Configuration

9. Enter your DEV, QA & PROD system respectively.

Standard Three SAP System Group
Enter the three System Group

10. It’s better to create Transport Target Group if you have multiple clients in your target system.
From Transport Group -> Edit -> Transport Target Group -> Create

Create Transport Target Group
Create Transport Target Group

11. Enter the name of Target Group and enter the target clients for both QA and PROD Target.

Target group name and target clients
Target group name and target clients QA
Target group name and target SAP clients
Target group name and target clients PROD

12. Now from Edit -> Transport Route -> Create to create your transport route.
(You can choose in Graphical Mode or Hierarchical View).
Integration System :
Target Group: <QA Target Group>.

Create SAP Transport Route
Create The Transport Route

13. Do the above steps for
Delivery Source: <QA SID – client>

Delivery Target: <PROD Target Group>

Transport Route for target PROD
Transport Route for target PROD

14. Now your SAP Transport Route is fully configured and shown like below

Fully configured SAP Transport Route
Fully configured SAP Transport Route

To get complete reference about SAP Change and Transport Management concept and how to configure it, I recommend you to read this book SAP Change and Transport Management.

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