How to upgrade SAP Support Package

Sometimes you need to update your SAP Support Package for bug fixing or regular maintenance. You check your current SAP Support Package Level from transaction SPAM –> Package Level or System –> Status , under Component Version click the glass icon. It will show your current SAP Support Package of each component. Before you upgrade … Read more

How to update SAP Kernel on Windows

I’ll show you step-by-step how to do SAP Kernel upgrade in SAP Windows. It’s necessary to update your SAP Kernel regularly. Newer SAP Kernel usually contains bug fix and more stable. Before upgrading the SAP Kernel, You download your correct SAP Kernel from SAP Marketplace. 1. Check your SAP Kernel version from Transaction SM51. 2. … Read more

How to assign time table to SAP Opmode

You have configured SAP Opmode, and you want to assign each opmode to specific time. For example you assign different work process configuration during the day and another work process configuration during the night. Usually the system load have different behavior during day and night. At day you assign more Dialog Workprocesses for users and … Read more

How to Monitor SAP Gateway

The SAP Gateway process exists one for each SAP instance. It’s activated automatically when an instance is started. Gateway Service perform the following tasks: Communication between different SAP Systems. Remote Function Call (RFC) Common Programming Interface for Communication (CPIC) Connection of external systems such as EDI systems, external fax devices If your SAP system consists … Read more