How to create SAP RFC connection

I’ll show you here how to create SAP RFC connection. RFC stands for Remote Function Call, is standard SAP interface used to communicate between SAP Systems. RFC is often used by ABAP and SAP Basis, for example when you configure transport. This transaction should be maintained by SAP Basis guys, because this transaction is considered … Read more

How to send SAP system message

Sometimes you want to broadcast information to your logged in SAP users. You can do it from transaction code SM02. 1.SAP Menu –> Tools –> Administration –> Administration –> SM02 How to send SAP system message – Pic 1 2. Click button Create to begin sending SAP System Message How to send SAP System Message … Read more

How to monitor SAP cancelled update

As part of your SAP application server performance monitoring is to regularly monitor your cancelled update. In the R/3 environment the term update means to make asynchronous changes to the R/3 database after data has been entered in dialog. An update consists of V1 and V2 updates. V1 update are basic and time critical, V2 … Read more

How to monitor SAP Lock Entries

As part of your daily SAP System Administration is to monitor SAP Lock Entries. It often happens in your SAP System that when your users run transaction codes and their terminal are abnormally disconnected, these situation could cause Lock Entries that could disturb any other active users doing process.   Sometimes lock entries could affect … Read more

How to Monitor / Analyze SAP ABAP Dumps

An error in an SAP/ABAP program or SAP/ABAP report that is running in a process Dialog/Background generally causes an immediate termination of the Dialog/background job. If an SAP/ABAP program terminates, an ABAP dump is usually generated. This dump contains a description of the precise cause of the error. This transaction code can be part of ABAP … Read more

How to monitor SAP System logs

Now I’ll show you how to monitor SAP System logs for some warning or error logs. One of the tasks of SAP Basis Administrator is to maintain the health of the system and to keep the system performance good and the SAP application runs well. You must regularly check the system log for early detection … Read more