How to send SAP system message

Sometimes you want to broadcast information to your logged in SAP users.

You can do it from transaction code SM02.
1.SAP Menu –> Tools –> Administration –> Administration –> SM02

How to send SAP system message – Pic 1

2. Click button Create to begin sending SAP System Message

How to send SAP System Message – Pic 2

3. Begin to write your message that you want to send.
You can choose if the SAP message will appear only in certain Application Server in your SAP system and in certain client. You can also specify SAP Language. Fill also the expiration period of your SAP system message. You can also set to automatically delete the message on certain date.

How to send SAP System Message – Pic 3

4. Your message will appear in SAP user as follow.

SAP System Message

5. You can also change your created System Message. Go to your initial screen and choose the message you want to change.

Change System Message

6. And you can delete it as well.

Delete SAP System Message

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