How to join SAP Transport Domain

In this article I’ll show you how to join different SAP Transport Domain. You have successfully created and configured STMS & transport route, and you want to create complex transport route e.g to transport to different SAP Transport Domain.

You can do that by joining different SAP Transport Domain so you can include them in your current transport route.

1. Call transaction STMS or from menu below.

2. Go to Menu Overview Systems and SAP System -> Create -> Domain Link

3. Enter the other SAP Transport Domain you want to join.

4. Now you login to Target Sytem, and the Goto –> Overview -> System. Notice that a new System from different domain appears for approval.


5. Approve the SAP System.


6. Make sure now all system have status “Active”.


7.  Now you can edit your transport route to include the new system in transport route.

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