Deinstalling Oracle Software on Windows

In some cases you need to deinstall your Oracle Software (to install Oracle Software please read How to Install Oracle Instance article).

In this article I will show you uninstallation process on Oracle on Windows. To uninstall Oracle on UNIX you can read this article: Deinstalling Oracle Software on UNIX.


Please read SAP note “1591580 – Oracle 11.2.0: Oracle Home administration on Windows” for updated procedure and tool.

Below are the steps to deinstall your oracle on Windows:

1. Backup your Oracle Inventory (usually located on C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory folder). You can use Compressed Folder or Zip tool to backup this folder.

2. Check whether your Oracle Home is registered in the Oracle Inventory.

#> %ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch\opatch.bat lsinventory -all


If your Oracle Home registered, it will appear in the Displayed “List of Oracle Homes”. Oracle Home must be registered in order to detach it.

3. Now Detach Oracle Home from Oracle Inventory

#> cd %ORACLE_HOME%\oui\bin\
#> .\detachHome.bat


Make sure detach is finished successfully.

4. Now you check again the Oracle Home

#> %ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch\opatch.bat lsinventory -all


Now you see that the Oracle Home that you want to delete doesn’t exist anymore.

5. Now you call tool deinstall.bat to completely remove your Oracle Installation.

#> cd %ORACLE_HOME%\deinstall
#> \.deinstall.bat


Enter [1] as your input and ENTER.

6. You will be asked some parameters here:





Fill the appropriate parameters until the last parameter.

7. Now the tool will uninstall and clean your Oracle.


Make sure the process is finished successfully.

8. After that you can test by calling any oracle tools.


tnsping <SID>


Now the Oracle installation has gone from your server.

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