How to delete SAP Client

Sometimes you need to delete SAP Client because it’s not used anymore.

Before deleting SAP Client, it’s better to backup the client first. You can do it by exporting the client, in case in the future you need it just import the client back.

SAP Client deletion is resource intensive activity, so you do it when the system load is low.

Below are the steps how to delete SAP Client.

1. Login to the client you want to delete, using SAP* user.
Go to Tools -> Administration -> Client Administration -> Special Functions -> Delete Client or Tcode SCC5.

Delete SAP Client
Delete SAP Client

2. Choose “Delete entry from T000”

Option to delete SAP Client
Option to delete SAP Client

3. Use parallel process to speed up the process.

Parallel process in SAP client deletion
Parallel process in client deletion.

4. Schedule in background and choose your background server.

Background Server in SAP client deletion
Background Server in SAP client deletion

5. Choose continue.

Summary screen in SAP Client Deletion
Summary screen

Your job is successfully scheduled in Background. Use Tcode SCC3 to see the log, see this article for detailed use of SCC3.

7.  Make sure the process is running.

Client deletion log

Double click to see the detailed log.

Detailed SAP client deletion log
Detailed SAP client deletion log

8. Make sure the deletion is completed successfully.

SAP client deletion is finished.

9. Now you check in  SCC4 – Client Maintenance whether the entry still exists or not. Although the client data is completely deleted, sometimes the client number is need to be deleted manually.
Select the client number whose data you’ve deleted. And delete it from SCC4.

Now you’ve finished all the processes of SAP Client Deletion.


For your further reference about deleting SAP Client you can also read this book:

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