How to change SAP Logical System

You have assigned certain SAP Logical System to a SAP Client (as example in picture below) but you want to change and convert the Logical System to different name. May be you want to convert it after doing SAP migration (describe in article How to do SAP System Copy).

You can do that from transaction BDLS – Convert Logical System Names.

Fill the following parameters

Old Logical System Name : Current SAP Logical System

New Logical System Name : New SAP Logical System after the conversion.

Untick Test run option.

It’s better to execute the conversion in background, because the process is usually long running.

Enter the Start Time (example Immediate)

Go to the next parameter

Make sure the background job is scheduled successfully.

Now you monitor the newly created background job and make sure the job is active and running.

Go to transaction SM37 – Background Job Monitoring, and monitor the active job.

You will see the conversion job is active.

You can also check from SAP Process Overview monitoring

Wait the Background process until completed successfully.

Now you can check the job log and spool created.

It will show you tables that have undergone the conversion.

Now you can check again the logical system in assigned client. It has changed to the new logical system.

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