How to do SAP remote client copy

In this article I’ll show you how to perform SAP remote client copy.

Basically the procedure is almost the same as SAP Local Client Copy, but you use other system as the source client instead.

This procedure is to copy the same systems that have identical Support Packages. Error could happen if the Support Package is different. Please read this article to update Support Packages.

Here are the steps to do SAP remote client copy.

1. Create RFC connection to source client.

2. Create a new client.

3. Login as SAP* in target client.

P.S: login in correct client, otherwise you’ll replace all data !

4. Go to Tools -> Administration -> Administration -> Client Administration -> Remote Copy or directly call transaction SCC9.


5. Choose the correct copy profile available. And enter the source RFC connection that you’ve created in step 1.

Here are the profiles available for Remote Copy.
SAP_ALL    All Client-Specific Data w/o Change Documents
SAP_APPL   Customizing and Application Data w/o Change Docs
SAP_APPX   SAP_APPL Without Authorization Profiles and Roles
SAP_CUST   Customizing
SAP_CUSV   Customizing and User Variants
SAP_CUSX   Customizing Without Authorization Profiles/Roles
SAP_PROF   Only Authorization Profiles and Roles
SAP_RECO   Recovery (Only if Source Client = Target Client)
SAP_RMBC   Customizing, Users and Cross-Client Customizing
SAP_RMPA   SAP_ALL with Cross-Client Customizing
SAP_RMPC   Customizing Including Cross-Client Customizing
SAP_UCSV   Customizing, User Master Records and User Variants
SAP_UCUS   Customizing and User Master Records
SAP_UONL   User Without Authorization Profiles and Roles
SAP_USER   User Master Records and Authorization Profiles

Client copy profile

6.  Enter Background Server

Background Server for SAP remote copy

7. Choose Next on summary screen.

8. Now SAP remote copy is running, check the copy log for detailed.

For your further reference about SAP Client Copy you can read this book:

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