How to assign access method L for SAP remote printing

In common remote printing configuration, you assign access method S or U to send the spooling to your Server / PC / Notebook with SAPLPD/SAPSprint/SAPFprint running on it. This method is commonly used in UNIX printing, your SAP App Server will send the spooling remotely.

Common Spooling Method using S / U

However you can use access method L so your SAP application server will do spooling process locally in the application server. It can result in faster printing process (but slightly increase application server load for spooling). The key is you register your remote printing in local apps.

Using access method L for spooling

If you want to use access method L, you have to create printer device in OS (using lprsetup).

Configuring In SAP:

Choose access method L
In field Host Printer fill the hosts in which the printer service running (e.g XX01). XX01 should be your hostname of server / PC / laptop running SAPLPD/SAPSprint/SAPFprint.

How to assign access method L for SAPLPD printer

You have to list the IP address of host printer in UNIX system (in /etc/hosts), make sure from your application server can access to the host printer.
10.x.x.x   XX01

and when you configure it in UNIX printer setup you specify your shared Windows printer in the UNIX printer (see the detailed configuration below in the colored one).

Configuring In UNIX (example in HP-UX)

Login as root:


XXXX UNIX Printer Setup Program
Command  < add modify delete exit view quit help >: add
Adding printer entry, type ‘?’ for help.
Enter printer name to add [lp10] : XX01

After this you will be prompted for printer type, choose remote.

or press RETURN for [unknown] : remote
Enter printer synonym: > leave it blank
Set spooler directory ‘sd’ [/usr/spool/lpd1] ?> press ENTER
Set printer error log file ‘lf’ [/usr/adm/lp1err] ?> press ENTER
Set remote system name ‘rm’ [] ?  XX01> fill the host printer set in SAP
Set remote system printer name ‘rp’ [] ?  LPT1> printer name in Windows System
Enter symbol name: q> Quit from printer setup

Printer #1
Symbol  type  value
——  —-  —–
lf    STR    /usr/adm/lp1err
lp    STR
rm    STR    XX01
rp    STR    LPT1
sd    STR    /usr/spool/lpd1

Are these the final values for printer 1 ? [y]> check configuration

Adding comments to printcap file for new printer, type ‘?’ for help.
Do you want to add comments to the printcap file [n] ? :

Set up activity is complete for this printer.
Verify that the printer works properly by using
the lpr(1) command to send files to the printer.

Printer setup in OS has finished. Now you can print form SAP, but you have to ensure that SAPLPD is running.

Note: About replacement from SAPLPD to SAPSprint/SAPFprint you can read here.

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