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How to send Fax from SAP

In this parapgraph i’ll show you how to send Fax from SAP.

Often as the business requirement, your SAP System must be able to send FAX. To enable it you must have a FAX server with FAX software (such as WINFAX) fully operation on it. After that you have to configure some setting to make your System act as SAP FAX solution.

You can use many software for FAX to use, in this example i use WINFAX.

Setting FAX Device.

1. Goto SPAD or menu Tools -> CCMS -> Spool -> Spool Administrator

Pic1 – How to send Fax from SAP

2. Click Output Device or Configuration –> Output Device

Pic2 – How to send Fax from SAP

3. Go to Output Device –> Create

Pic3 – How to send Fax from SAP

4. Give name WFAX for Output Device,
Choose SWIN for Device Type.
Choose FAX for Device Class.
Click to HostSpoolAccMethod tab

Pic4 – How to send Fax from SAP

5. Choose S for  the access method
Fill host printer (printer name in spool server) and Destination Host (spool server name)

Note: you must add IP address and hostname in file /etc/hosts in Unix OS or C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in Windows OS.

10.x.x.x modem.

Pic5 – How to send Fax from SAP

Output Device is Ready. Now you’re  ready to…

Configure FAX from SAP.
1. Run SCOM
2. Choose Location and Change
3. Choose New Entries
4. Fill with the device already created WFAX.
    Save your setting.
How to configure FAX in SAP Pic 1
Back to initial screen.
 5. Choose Selection and click Change.
How to configure FAX in SAP Pic 2
6. Fill TELEFAX in Service
7. Choose the Country you want.
How to configure FAX in SAP Pic 3
Now you’re ready to…
Send FAX from SAP.
  1. Run WINFAX first and make sure it can send FAX from Windows.
  2. Run SAPLPD.
  3. Choose Document you want to print, and print from SAP as usual.
  4. Leave option print immediately unclicked.
  5. Click Continue
How to send Fax from SAP Pic 1
     7. Go to transaction SP01, and find spool request you just create.
     8. Go to Spool Request –> Print –> Print with changed parameters.
How to configure FAX in SAP Pic 2
     9. You’ll be prompted a fax number. Fill the destination number.
    10. Fill the person you want to send.
After you click print button your document will be passed to WinFax software and directly will be sent to your fax destination.
How to configure FAX in SAP Pic 3
Before being able to send mail from SAP, you have to make your fax server able to send fax to any fax number.
SAP NOTE 09119

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