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How to create SAP Printer Format Type

After finish creating your SAP device printer and assign a new device type, you need to create Format Type.

Format Type is paper size to be used in SAP Printing.


Always Create New Format Type in Development, after that you have to transport it to QA and production.

1. Goto SPAD or menu

How-to-create-and-change-SAP-printer device type
How to create SAP Format Type – Pic 1

2. Click Full Administration and Choose Format Type

How to create SAP Format Type – Pic2

3. Position cursor to Format Type you want to copy as a template, and click icon Create Using Template or from menu Device Type -> Create Using Template.

How to create SAP Format Type – Pic3

a. Fill format type name,
b. Choose appropriate type
c. Choose page format
d. Choose orientation
e. Add your comment

How to create SAP Format Type – Pic4

After you create new Format Type, system will ask you a transport request number.

Enter with your Development Class.

How to create SAP Format Type – Pic5

Note: If you create Format Type for SAP Script, you have to create a Page Format having name exactly the same as your Format Type.

Format Type is Ready

To get complete Reference about SAP Printing please read this book: Printing in SAP.

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